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The Mission and Meaning Behind Our Fundraiser.

Hi, my name is Ron Wertz and I’d like to share with you a little about myself and the mission about why I have organized the Bags to Riches Classic Cornhole Tournament, a Make A Wish fundraiser.

I think like many young adults, I was finding my way through life and trying to understand as much about what life holds as I could. Around my mid to late twenties, I began to tap into my surroundings mentally and emotionally. I developed a deep appreciation for life and for all It had to offer. Most of my art and music relate to the values I have for life and all those I share it with.

Fast forward about 15 years and wow

Life has change and I have experienced so much of everything. Part of the driving force behind the mission are experiences I’ve had personally and through friends and neighbors. Stories of individuals and families hit with life changing news.

My wife, who worked at Boston Childrens Hospital would tell me stories that always had an impact on me in some way.  I remember always wanting to volunteer my artistic side there, like so many others I had heard or read about.  It just seemed like I never had the time or resources.

I joined Make-A-Wish as a volunteer in 2015

And I volunteered with the asperation to become a wish granter. Having met wish kids and wish families, and heard so many amazing stories of kindness, hope and love from people who are complete strangers.  I have seen first-hand how people come from all over to give to this worthy cause. For the first time in my life, I’m in a position to pursue the mission personally and professionally. I have all the tools, friends, love and support necessary to put my focus into giving back.

The Bags to Riches Classic

A cornhole tournament that I dream extends beyond my days on this planet. I want the mission of this fundraiser to resonate and be larger than I ever want to be. Just as many of those inspiring stories of survivors or those who lost their battle, still carry on to this day. These people deserve to be remembered and honored in every way. I know in my heart, the least I can do with this cornhole tournament is to raise money to give back and give those who inspire us the wishes they deserve.

Please, join me, in raising money to help wishes come true.  All proceeds from the mission go to the Make-A-Wish CT.


Our overall goal is to raise a whopping $20,000 for Make-A-Wish Connecticut.

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Bags To Riches Classic

Cornhole Tournament

Waterford, CT 06385